How much is Kenya visa

January 15, 2020

Kenya is one of the biggest countries in East Africa alongside the likes of Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia. It is home to over 49 million people from all over the world. With the capital Nairobi, Kenya is full of many tourist attractions, museums, and landscapes that are the main reasons why tourists visit it annually.

There are plenty of forests and national parks in the country that offers mesmerizing views and fun times around some of the most unique animals that can’t be seen every day.

The Amboseli National Park, Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Mombasa, and Malindi are some of the most beautiful places to visit in this area. Before you create a list of things to do in Kenya and visit the country, it’s good to check out the Visa requirements of Kenya. The main focus on this article is the types of Visa, how long they last, and how much is Kenya Visa?

The Visa policy of the country offers many opportunities for foreign citizens. Kenya has an agreement with 43 countries that are Visa exempt and they can enter the country for up to 90 days without a Visa. Bahamas, Cyprus, Fiji, Ghana, Malaysia, Maldives, Samoa, Singapore, South Africa, Tonga, and Zambia are some of the 43 countries that can visit Kenya and enjoy it without Visa. Besides the Visa-exempt countries, there are other countries that have specific contracts with Kenya such as Brazil, India, and Turkey, whose citizens could contain diplomatic passports. In July 2015, the country announced they will use a system for E-Visa.

This type of Visa allows citizens to stay up to 90 days, however, the application should be done at least 7 days before the travel takes place. Visa on arrival is available for the aforementioned countries and there is also another specific type of Visa that works with certain countries. The so-called “Consular Visa” is only eligible to 14 countries such as Armenia, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, and Syria and the application is usually referred to as the Director of Immigration.

How much is Kenya Visa?

The price for the E Visa varies from to 99 EUR with an additional processing fee. The process is very simple and all of it can be done online through Kenya’s government website. Besides the processing fee, there are several documents required to finish the process. The required documents for the application are passport, photo, proof of the accommodation and flight ticket. Kenya is most famous for its wildlife and nature as it is the home to some of the most fascinating animals such as elephants, rhinos, antelopes, zebras, lions, giraffes, flamingos, and so many others.

Besides the animals and their crazy migration, there are also many national parks, villages, lakes, and mountains around the area that can be explored. One thing is certain, if you are a fan of nature then Kenya is definitely worth visiting as it will certainly not disappoint.

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