How to get visa in Kenya

January 14, 2020

Traveling to Kenya is certainly not that hard anymore

There are plenty of options for visitors who are interested to see the beauty of nature in that part of the world and enjoy some of the most mysterious animals in the world. Kenya is one of the best African countries to choose for a safari as it has plenty of national parks and villages. Kenya is the home to 47 million citizens, making it one of the largest countries in Africa.

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi, which also has a lot to offer to passengers and tourists. Kenya is located between Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda in the eastern part of the continent. It’s the perfect destination for the lovers of the African atmosphere, culture, and traditions.

Before visiting Kenya, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the Visa policy of the country. Here is how to get a Visa in Kenya, as well as some details about the Visa types, and things to look out for. All visitors require a Visa unless they are from one of the Visa-exempt countries.

The countries whose citizens do not need a Visa are 43 in total. Some of them are Bahamas, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Samoa, and Singapore. In 2015, the country introduced the e-Visa system which allows the visitors to obtain a Visa online as long as the application is done at least a week in advance before the travel takes place.

All visitors, regardless of the Visa type, must contain a passport that is valid for more than 6 months during their stay in Kenya.

How to get a Visa in Kenya?

Getting a Visa is not hard as it can be done online through the official website of the government. There are three types of Visa that can be issued – Single, Transit, and Courtesy. There are three steps that can be done, the first one is to create an account, second to apply and pay, and the last one is to download the eVisa from the account in PDF file. The cost of an e-Visa is 99 EUR. 

Tourists are able to get a Visa on arrival as long as they have a six-months valid passport with two blank pages in it. As of 2019, the Single entry Visa could be issued both online and at the airport, although the country’s immigration system plans to end that option in the future.

Kenya has a wide variety of attractions, all of which are national parks. Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Samburu National Park, Lake Nakuru, and Mount Kenya are some of the local attractions that make thousands of different tourists from all over the world to visit.

Maasai Mara is known by visitors because you can enjoy the migration process of many animals such as antelope, wildebeest, and zebra. Besides these, you can also enjoy elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and lions anywhere in the country.

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